Who we are

We’ve come a long way from an idea that started in Las Vegas in 2014.

The idea for Aira came about when Matt and Paddy were in Las Vegas in the summer
of 2014. They were sat in the Aria casino and decided to start their own agency.
At the time, Matt was running his own agency near Milton Keynes and Paddy was

working at Distilled as VP of their London office. They shared the same goals to build

an agency that not only delivered great work for a range of client sizes, but would also

be a great place to work with an amazing culture. Now, Aira is over 40 people in size

and delivers digital marketing services across SEO, Paid Media, Inbound Marketing, Digital PR and Content Marketing.

Fast forward to today, and our focus is stronger than ever on helping our clients grow their businesses online. Whether we do this via SEO, Paid Media, Digital PR or a combinations of everything, we focus on the bottom line for your business.
Supported by a passionate team of marketers, Aira brings together their experience and expertise in digital marketing. We’re also Google Certified Premier Partners and a HubSpot Partner agency. Combine all of that together and you know you’re in good hands!

Meet the team

Paddy Moogan
Matt Beswick
Laura Brothers
Content Strategist
Matthew Kay
Growth & Strategy Director
Shannon McGuirk
Client Services & Delivery Director
Livi Crawford
Senior Client Services Strategist
Harry Evans
Head of Digital
Byron Marr
Head of Paid Media
Sam Miller
Principal Content Strategist
Daniel Brooks
Technical SEO Consultant
Aliyah Loughlan
Senior Digital PR Strategist
Lucy Stevens
Senior Content Strategist
Aoife O'Connor
Head of PR & Creative
Brendan Gilbert
Digital Marketing Consultant
Charlotte Hawkes
Account Manager
Davey Rees
Senior Graphic Designer
Sam Butterworth
Content Editor
Chris Turner
Senior Paid Media Strategist
Andrew King
SEO & HubSpot Consultant
Izi Hicks
Senior Account Manager

Our values and behaviours

Matt and Paddy believe in building a great place to work, not only because they want to come to work somewhere fun every day, but because it’s the best thing for our clients too. If we can build a happy team who have the opportunity to do their best work, we know that they will do great work. It’s easier said than done but we think we’re building something great in Milton Keynes. Working hard is important, but so is a personal life. We don’t believe in working 24/7 and we don’t expect that from our team either. In fact, quite the opposite and we’ve been known to tell people to stop working outside of normal hours.
We spent a lot of time thinking about what makes Aira who we are and looked really hard at the behaviours of our team to work this out. We’re not huge fans of “values” in the sense of throwing a few abstract words onto the website and office walls and expecting that to be our job done. Instead, we combine values and behaviours which we expect from our team. Here is a quick snapshot and you can read more in this section of our culture code:

We feedback early and often

This means that our team understands the value of giving and receiving feedback. Without feedback, we won’t get better and if we don’t get better, we stand still.

We trust each other

No one likes to be micromanaged. Since day one, trust has been central to who Aira is and we trust each other to do our jobs to the best of our ability.

We support each other

Not just the obvious teamwork side of things, but we support each other to learn and develop our careers and push each other forward every day.

We don’t settle

We celebrate our wins but then quickly ask how we can do even better next time and keep moving forward. Not just for our careers, but for clients too.

We take ownership

We’re not scared of taking ownership of problems as well as solutions.

We give a shit

We actually care about each other and our clients, which means we do the best job we can for them.

Career progression

We’ll stick our neck out and say that you’ll learn more in your first six months working at Aira than you will anywhere else. It’s one of the most consistent pieces of feedback that we get from new starters and whilst we’re careful not to overwhelm, we do believe in giving you trust and autonomy from day one. Read the details here on what we actually do to support you in your career at Aira and beyond. To give you an overview though, here is a quick summary:

Clear progression paths

Every role at Aira has a progression path so that you can see exactly what the next step in your career could be. The truth is that everyone needs to know what their next step is, whether that’s a promotion or something else, we do our best to provide you with an answer to “what’s next?”


Clear expectations for every role

Every role at Aira has a set of expectations tied to it which means that you can see exactly what we expect of you in your role. These aren’t a set of checkboxes for you to tick off though, instead, your line manager will use them as a starting point in building out your personal development plan. This means that you know exactly what you’re working toward and what you need to do in order to take the next step in your career or learning.


Core competency guidelines

Alongside giving you a training budget to help you learn, we also point you in the right direction for the kinds of things that you should be learning as part of your day-to-day role. Again, these aren’t a list of things to tick off, but still give you the direction you’ll need in order to build out the skills you need to do a great job.

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