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Google Ads (Adwords) is one of the best ways to be in the right place at the right time when customers are looking for what you have to offer.

Recently, Google Ads has drastically changed

Google Ads is by nature a competitive endeavour. In order to gain an edge on the competition and achieve your business goals, it’s imperative to work with the algorithms rather than against them. This is why Google’s Machine Learning algorithms underpin every strategy we implement.


Machine Learning finds patterns in user data in order to make predictions in the future. Here’s a really simplified diagram of how this works:

(Machine learning takes into account millions of data signals, we’ve only shown 20 in this diagram)


With Machine Learning, we can target the people most likely to become customers for your business and make sure we are showing them the most relevant and compelling ads based on what resonates best with them.


Not only that, but with Smart Bidding, we can calculate the probability of them converting into customers and modify our bids for each and every person in real time, in line with your business goals.


As a Google Premier Partner, Aira is an industry leader in the adoption of Google’s latest smart technology. A lot of other agencies have been slow to adapt and use manual bidding with a static bid for each auction (see above). By bidding based on user intent signals in real time, we are more competitive for higher intent users and will start to avoid entering into auctions for lower intent users. This leads to higher conversion rates and less wasted ad spend, meaning more customers at a lower cost. Feel free to read the following posts to learn more about using Google Ads automated bidding and Google Dynamic Search Ads.

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