Facebook Advertising

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Facebook advertising allows you to employ highly effective targeting features to help you reach your audience. This means you can get your message to the people most likely to buy your products or services.


This is great news for your budget, your conversion rate and – what it all comes down to – your ROI.

Why Facebook advertising is important now

Long gone are the days where people solely used search engines to research products and services. Today people look for reviews, ask for recommendations and shop around across the internet before committing to purchase or sign up. And this includes on social networks. As the biggest social platform around, Facebook plays an integral role in this process.


Advertising on Facebook offers a huge opportunity to reach and engage both prospective and existing customers. It offers some of the most advanced advertising tools for audience creation, which can work alongside a range of campaign objectives to drive new leads. Facebook ads also offer coverage on Instagram, Messenger and other placements, meaning a huge potential audience for your business.

Complement your paid search campaigns

Facebook advertising can work perfectly alongside paid search campaigns to engage users at every stage of the buyer’s journey. Unlike other forms of digital advertising, users can respond directly to Facebook ads, creating more opportunities to engage with your audience.

Combining Facebook advertisements with your other paid search and overall paid media efforts creates a multi-channel approach that widens your reach and helps you target your audience across multiple platforms.

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