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Reduction in CPA


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UKCRBs have been a leading provider of criminal record checks to companies in the UK for over 25 years. A large percentage of their revenue comes from online DBS applications and they also profit from returning customers.

The Challenge

The goal was to increase customers that sign up to the website and enquiries through phone calls, contact forms and email over a 3 month period.

The Approach

We funnelled ad spend into high performing keywords whilst regularly reviewing and excluding negative keywords to prevent irrelevant search terms from triggering ads.

As well as this, we began bidding on competitors keywords and expanded our keyword targeting through keyword research.

Through refining our keyword targeting combined with ad copy testing and utilising responsive search ads, we were able to improve quality scores and reduce CPC. This led to an enhanced ability for the maximise conversions bidding strategy to bid on high intent traffic.

The Results

Over the 3 month period, traffic increased by 139.9% & the conversion rate increased by 9.9% leading to a 163.8% increase in conversion volume. As well as this, cost per acquisition reduced by 41.4%.

This resulted in £23,000 in revenue from £15,000 spend including the retainer fee.

Most importantly, website registrations increased by 1,275% which will lead to an increase in future revenue because of UKCRBs profit from customer lifetime value.

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