Analytics Audit and Training

TABS Group

The challenge


TABS Group are a US based company providing customer analytics software and consulting to the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG/CPG) industry. They were looking to improve the measurement of their digital marketing activities and better understand what was working for them so that they could make smarter decisions with the data.


What we did


Our project covered two core areas:


  • Analytics and measurement training
  • Set up of reporting dashboards


We worked with the VP Sales and Marketing to deliver a series of training sessions online. These training sessions covered the fundamental principles of digital marketing measurement and then took a particular focus on Google Analytics itself which was their preferred analytics software.


Alongside this training, we spent time auditing the TABS Group Google Analytics account with the goal of making sure that all data was as clean and accurate as possible. From here, we worked to understand the KPIs that were valuable to the business and set up tracking for each of them. We then created reporting dashboards so that these KPIs could be easily monitored by TABS.


The results


At the end of the project, TABS Group were left with a much better understanding of Google Analytics and how it could be used to make better decisions. They also had the reporting dashboards they needed to monitor their digital marketing activity and show its value to the wider business.

“Paddy provided excellent strategic guidance and executional support to us in setting up and understanding Google Analytics. There’s a lot of information – and varying opinions – on how to approach Google Analytics monitoring. Paddy is an expert in the field and he demonstrated that by showing us a clear, practical path to take that is helping us meet our digital objectives.”
Robert Baldwin, VP Sales and Marketing, TABS Group.

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