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Steiger&Cie, located in the Swiss alps, offer brokerage services and consulting for luxury alpine real estate as well as managing property developments and boutique hotels.

The Challenge

In a niche market with a high-value deal size, Steiger&Cie were experiencing a low volume of people enquiring and CPA was costly. Our challenge was to increase enquiries and try and bring down the CPA simultaneously. The account was using a manual CPC strategy and underspending the monthly allocated budget

The Approach

In order to make the budget stretch as far as possible, it was imperative that we were optimising for the highest intent people rather than just the keywords being triggered. In order to do this, we switched to a Maximise Conversions Smart Bidding strategy and reduced the budget to compensate for the change. This meant that machine learning would find people more likely to enquire and ensure we were achieving as many enquiries as possible for our monthly budget. We also introduced display remarketing to drive action in people who had already expressed an interest but dropped out of the funnel, using Steiger&Cie’s stunning imagery combined with responsive display ads, this helped to drive even more enquiries.

The Results

Since making these changes we saw an immediate improvement, with enquiries increasing by 166% and CPA reducing by 56% in the first month. But it didn’t stop there, month 2 saw a further 17 .5% increase in enquiries and a 15.5% reduction in CPA, month 3 saw another 13% increase in enquiries and 23% reduction in CPA and month 4 saw even more growth with a 60% increase in enquiries and 29% reduction in CPA. This meant that in total, enquiries increased by 466% and CPA reduced by 80% with conv. rate increasing by 73% over 4 months.

“Since the described changes were implemented we saw a dramatic increase in enquiries through our website for the three resorts that we cover and it feels like we have all of a sudden become a dot on the map.”

Oliver Herweg - Steiger&Cie

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