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We have worked with Regtransfers since May 2017 and were set the goal of generating high quality links to the website via the use of content marketing. It was important to Regtransfers to produce content which was on-topic and in line with their target audience.

The Approach

Originally we were working alongside another agency who had the same brief but we are now the sole agency working on the account. The objective was to generate at least 10 links to each piece of content and to ensure these links were high quality (measured by Domain Authority) and relevant to Regtransfers as a company.

The Results

Since starting work with Regtransfers, we have built 168 links into the domain across 5 content pieces. This means that we have averaged 33 links per content piece – far exceeding the original target for 10 links to each piece. In terms of the quality, we have an average Domain Authority of 41. Organic search visibility has also increased a few months after we started working with Regtransfers and has been sustained.

“We’ve been working with Aira since May 2017 and we’re very happy with the work they have done for us – it certainly does deserve some recognition. We’re looking forward to building on the successes in 2018 and beyond.”

Rick Cager - SEO Manager, Regtransfers

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