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Foster-fridge.com weren’t selling much online through PPC. Due to the high average order value (AOV), most of foster-fridge.com customers bought over the phone or used their website chat to initiate the sale.

The Challenge

Rarely would someone click on their ads, then spend thousands of pounds. Some months they’d even make nothing from PPC.

So the goal was to increase online revenue from PPC and produce a positive ROAS without increasing the budget.

The Approach

We funnelled ad spend into high performing keywords whilst regularly reviewing and excluding negative keywords to prevent irrelevant search terms from triggering ads.

We switched from manual to Smart Bidding, which allowed us to ensure we were present for the right users at the right times.

We set up a Dynamic Search Ad campaign to increase conversion volume by filling in the gaps in their keyword-based campaigns and capturing additional traffic.

The Results

In just one month, conversion value increased by 665% from £1,276.80 to £9,769.20 while conversions increased by 239.87%. foster-fridge.com’s ROAS was 1782.85%.

Now we will continue to focus on managing and optimising their PPC account to ensure that they’re consistently generating a positive ROAS.

“Knowledgeable and proactive, I’d certainly recommend Aira to any e-commerce business looking to use PPC to increase their ROAS and revenue.”

Tim Taylor - Managing Director

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