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Technical SEO


Aira has worked with City Cruises to increase their online presence through organic search, PPC, social and digital PR. One specific project was to work with City Cruises and their web development company to ensure their new website was optimised for organic search.

The Challenge

Website migrations are often problematic. From an SEO perspective, moving to a new site can confuse search engines and lead to a drop in rankings and traffic. From a paid media perspective, URLs need to be updated in appropriate tools to ensure there is no loss of tracking. With regards to analytics, this must also be considered to ensure there is no loss of data during the migration process.

The Approach

Contrary to most experiences, when working on the migration projects for City Cruises, Aira ensured there was no loss in organic search rankings and traffic during the migration

The Results

Since working together, the website has seen more relevant traffic to the website, resulting in lower cost-per-acquisition (CPA) and increased e-commerce revenue for the company.

“Aira gave great advice and were especially helpful at the website launch when they showed the team how to do something important. After that they carried on being helpful and communicative, constantly working on campaigns, hitting deadlines, and helping us put in place an extended SEO campaign to raise awareness and revenue. I would heartily recommend their services.”

Ben Hopkins - Marketing Manager, City Cruises

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