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AppJobs provides job seekers with jobs from companies such as Foodora, Rover, TaskRabbit, Postmates and many more.

The Challenge

We have worked with AppJobs since March 2019 and were given the task to generate high-quality links to their website by creating engaging, news-worthy content campaigns that journalists would be interested in covering. Our goal was to build a minimum of 10 links for each content piece and to increase the online presence and domain authority of AppJobs; a start-up that aims to become a leading voice in their industry both on and offline.

The Approach

Since starting work with AppJobs, we have created several content campaigns, and have built a total of 88 links and 168 total pieces of coverage. As a team, Aira brainstormed and created the very first campaign for AppJobs, titled ‘The World’s Best City to be a Student’, analysing cities across the world by a series of metrics to determine which was the best overall to study at university level. With students often looking for extra work and part-time jobs, we found the brand link to AppJobs, who provide a variety of gig jobs across the world’s major cities that students would be interested in.

The Results

The ‘World’s Best Cities to be a Student’ campaign took off and has received 54 links and a total of 98 pieces of coverage. In terms of the quality of the links and coverage, the average DA sits at 42, with links secured with sites with a high domain authority of 93, 90 and 89. This campaign has been picked up on sites across the world organically and is continuing to gain coverage. The piece has also seen over 3,000 unique page views.

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