20 March 2020
Milton Keynes

Learn from the sharpest minds in digital marketing

In March 2020 MKGO brings together nine of the world’s leading digital marketing experts into the ultimate one day “single track” conference. Set in the stunning “MK-7” venue at Red Bull Racing’s factory in Milton Keynes, this is your opportunity to level up your knowledge and learn from the absolute best in the industry.


You will come away feeling inspired, and have new skills and insights that you can start using immediately. Our speakers are some of the most ambitious, boundary-pushing individuals from the industry, who will reveal their secrets in everything from cutting-edge automation to optimisation, content and paid advertising. Oh, and we’ll make it fun too – after all, that’s what conferences are about… right?

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08:00 – Registration, breakfast, pastries and coffee!
Aira Twitter Wil Reynolds - MKGO Speaker
09:15 - 09:55
Wil Reynolds
Wil is the founder and director of strategy at Seer Interactive, which he started as a one-man business, and which now employs more than 150 people. He has worked in and talked about search for more than 15 years, speaking regularly at conferences about the future of our industry.
Bridge the divide between crawlers, canonicals, content, and the c suite.

Sorry ya'll but, the worst thing to happen to search data is giving it to search people. What do CEOs talk about the most, redirects or revenue? crawl budgets or customer experiences? Googlebot or growth? This presentation will show my approach on how to ask the right questions to connect dots from what we are working on today to how decisions are made in the c-suite. We'll also show you how to take the data you have today and look at it through a new lens to answer some of your c-suite's toughest questions.
Aira Twitter Areej AbuAli MKGO Speaker
09:55 - 10:35
Areej AbuAli
Technical SEO Manager, Zoopla
Areej is SEO Manager at Zoopla, where she focuses on all things technical and on-site SEO, the founder of the Women in Tech SEO community which is a support network aimed for women in the Technical SEO field, that has a global group and hosts local events in London.
Data Analysis using BigQuery & SQL

In this talk, Areej will provide SEOs with the fundamentals on how get acquainted with the world of BigQuery and why SQL is more reliable than Excel. She will share her learning process on how to analyse large datasets and gain valuable insights. The audience will walk away with a handful of scripts and tips to get their BigQuery journey started!
10:35 – BREAK
Aira Twitter mkgo-finn-mcduffie
11:10 - 11:50
Paddy Moogan
Co-founder, Aira
Paddy is co-founder of Aira and has been working in digital marketing since 2004 when he got bored studying for his Law degree and decided to build websites instead. Before starting Aira with Matt Beswick, Paddy was VP London at Distilled and wrote The Link Building Book.
Placing bets and making hard choices - how to make the right decisions in the digital world

Living in digital-first world means that there are new changes and things to consider every day, so how do we make the right decisions for our clients and brands? Is the right strategy ever enough? What about day-to-day tactical decisions? How do you know you're making the right call when the pressure to perform is on? In this session, Paddy will explore frameworks, checklists and methodologies for making decisions in a world where our competitors aren't just brand competitors but we're also facing the likes of Google and Facebook head on. This talk promises to show you how to place the right bets and make the hard choices when it comes to digital strategies.
Aira Twitter Shannon McGuirk - MKGO Speaker
11:50 - 12:30
Shannon McGuirk
Head of PR & Content, Aira
Shannon is the Head of PR and Content at Aira where she oversees all content creation and link building for our clients using what she's learned in her previous traditional PR roles. She's worked with some well known-household brands such as Vouchercloud, RS Components, Goodyear Tyres, AXA PPP healthcare and Poundland.
Great Expectations: The Tale of Forgotten Failures in Digital PR & Link Building

In her talk, Shannon will challenge the desire for virality over consistency when it comes to digital PR and link building campaigns, whilst exploring the impact this is having on industry and team morale, client expectations and distorting reality. By honestly sharing her own shortcomings, she will push you to learn from your own campaign failures using tried and tested frameworks that’ll mean you can face any campaign struggle head on.
12:30 – LUNCH
Aira Twitter Stephen Pavlovich MKGO Speaker
13:30 - 14:10
Stephen Pavlovich
As CEO of the UK’s largest conversion optimisation agency, Stephen brings a combination of large organisation experience with an appreciation of the challenges that businesses face when working on CRO.
How to create a culture of experimentation

Every company wants a culture of experimentation. They want to be able to test-and-learn, making decisions with data (not opinion). But despite all sharing this ambition, most companies fail. They need committees to make decisions. They reject evidence from experiments if it doesn't fit their narrative. And they fail to realise the benefits of optimisation. In this session, Stephen from Conversion.com will share why most companies fail at creating a culture of experimentation – and how you can fix it.
Aira Twitter Britney Muller - MKGO Speaker
14:10 - 14:50
Britney Muller
Senior SEO Scientist, Moz
Britney is senior SEO scientist at Moz, where she explores data science, technical SEO and more. Britney speaks at conferences internationally, delivering thought leadership on her area of interest and getting people excited about data and working smarter, not harder.
Accessible Machine Learning

Explore an actionable ML framework, why it's important to work backward, and how to execute models into the wild. Feel tech savvier (and more ML confident) knowing you will be taking valuable examples & resources back to the office with you.
Aira Twitter Samantha Noble MKGO Speaker
14:50 - 15:30
Samantha Noble
Samantha is the Founder of Biddable Moments, a Paid Media Consultancy Agency dedicated to helping brands and agencies increase their revenue through PPC, and can often be found speaking at leading conferences across the world sharing her extensive paid media knowledge.
Getting Beyond The Surface Of Your Paid Media Data

When we speak to people about Google Data Studio, they have more often than not either a) never heard of it, b) heard of it but never used it or c) have only used it to create visual reporting dashboards that provide summaries of overall performance. But this really is just scratching the surface of what you can use this platform for. In this highly actionable session, Samantha will share her experiences of using Data Studio which will not only save you hours (if not days) of manual reporting time but also to help you to:
  • Visualise trends
  • Spy on competitors
  • Monitor performance
  • Set targets and measure against them
  • Gain valuable insights
  • Highlight and troubleshoot potential issues
  • Monitor and measure performance of digital marketing campaigns
15:30 – BREAK
Aira Twitter Phil Nottingham MKGO Speaker
16:00 - 16:45
Phil Nottingham
Video Strategist, Wistia
Phil is a video strategist at Wistia, where he teaches companies how to create more engaging videos and how to use them effectively in their marketing. Phil was previously a senior consultant at Distilled. Today he speaks at conferences worldwide about video strategy and technical marketing.
How to Build a Global Brand without a Global Budget.

Marketers have long been advocating the panacea of "build a brand", but it's unclear to most how this can be achieved scalably and with a limited budget. Large enterprises resort to huge creative advertising campaigns that get their names out there by force of spend alone, but this isn't realistic for the smaller companies and the number of impressions is not the number of people impressed. In this session, Phil will explain how modern brands are truly built through advocacy, rather than awareness alone, and offer simple deliverable brand marketing tactics which will radically shake up your content strategy.
Aira Twitter Rand Fishkin - MKGO Speaker
16:45 - 17:30
Rand Fishkin
Founder, Sparktoro
Rand is the founder of SparkToro and was a co-founder of both Inbound.org and Moz, where he became famous for his Whiteboard Friday SEO video series. He is the author of Lost and Founder: A Painfully Honest Field Guide to the Startup World, and he speaks at industry events around the world.
Why You Should Date Short Men (and Tall Women)

There's a strange, illogical, contemptibly shallow, pervasive truth in the world of heterosexual romance -- women limit their dating selections to men taller than themselves. This choice artificially limits one's ability to optimize for partners who might have many other, vastly more important qualities... What does this have to do with marketing? Everything. We, too, place artificial, shallow, illogical constructs around the channels, tactics, and strategies in which we invest. And if we revisit those decisions, we can have extraordinary success in ways our competitors never will. If you want to make marketing a competitive advantage, not just a check on your business' "to-do" list, this presentation is for you.

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The Venue

With an incredible sound and lighting system, super-fast WiFi, and surroundings that will make your jaw hit the floor, the “MK-7” venue at Red Bull Racing’s factory in Milton Keynes is a sight to behold. Here are a few photos to whet your appetite.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I pay by invoice/purchase order number?

Absolutely. Just email info@aira.net or call 01908 669526 with your request and we’ll get everything set up.

Which hotels are best to stay at in Milton Keynes

There are three great options:

Do I need to be an expert to learn something from the event?

No, MKGO is open to all levels of experience! The talks may cover digital marketing topics to an advanced level, but if anything is unclear, feel free to ask a member of our team and we’ll be happy to have a chat 🙂

Is this conference for me? I work in house/at an agency/freelance/I’m a business owner

It’s for anyone with an interest in digital marketing and should offer usable takeaways for in-house marketers, agency workers and business owners.

What are the timings on conference day?

Arrival will be between 8 and 8.30, with the first speaker starting at 9am. The day will be wrapped up by 5.30, although we’re planning on a networking drinks reception for an hour or so too.

Do you provide refreshments?

Yes. We’ll have two breaks (morning and afternoon) as well as a buffet lunch.

Will I be able to ask the speakers questions?

Yes. There’ll be Q&A time after each session.

Do you send out slides after the conference?

Yes. We’ll share Slideshare links via email.

Can I pitch to speak at a future conference?

We generally invite speakers as opposed to taking pitches, but if you have an idea that we just can’t miss please email info@aira.net so we can take a look.

Can you keep me informed about future conferences?

Absolutely. There’s a newsletter signup at the bottom of this page, and when buying a ticket for MKGO you’ll also have the option to opt in.

Do you have tips for sightseeing/things to do in Milton Keynes?

There’s loads to see and do in Milton Keynes and the surrounding area. For sightseeing you might be interested in the historic Bletchley Park, formerly home to Alan Turing and his fellow World War Two codebreakers. You can also find the National Museum of Computing in MK and if you have time or want to stay for a few days, then Milton Keynes Theatre could be worth a visit. Nearby you can find the English country house, Woburn Abbey, and not far from there Woburn Safari Park. And if you fancy a bit of shopping Centre:MK is the place to go.


If you’re looking to get active you could try indoor skiing at Snozone, indoor climbing at Big Rock Hub or even indoor skydiving at iFly! Outdoors you could try go karting at Daytona Milton Keynes or have a go at some water sports at Willen Lake. For something a little more sedate there’s crazy golf at Mr Mulligan’s. Alternatively for something to test the mind perhaps try the escape rooms at either Room Escape MK, Locked in a Room Milton Keynes or Escape Milton Keynes.

What’s in the city centre?

The city centre is full of plenty of restaurants and bars. Here you can find everything from steak to Thai, Latin, French and Indian food, plus a lot more. And if you fancy a drink there are wine bars, pubs, craft beer taprooms and cocktail joints – basically, you’re not likely to go thirsty! 


The closest pubs to the venue are:


A cosy village gastropub.

A nice pub with views across a large lake.

Another local pub with lake views.


If you’d like to treat yourself to some fine dining, Paris House is just a 10-minute drive from the conference venue. This is a Michelin-recommended restaurant set in the deer park of the Woburn Estate.

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