A digital strategy isn't something that we just do. You don't set it and forget it, at least not if you want it to be effective. Getting strategy right can be tricky because ultimately, you have to combine lots of variables into a coherent plan which can then be implemented. These variables are not always known or they can change over time which may throw your strategy into chaos or mean that it needs to be reset. A strategy is rarely easy when you operate at any kind of scale. A strategy is always uncertain to some extent.

Now add a global pandemic into the mix.

No one has faced a situation like this before and as we'll discuss, comparisons to other world events don't really stack up in a useful way. Add to this the very real effect that the pandemic is having on our personal lives, how are we supposed to focus on work and ensure that our businesses endure and get through this?

The truth is that no one has the answers, not just because we've never faced this situation before but also because every business is different. 

The content that we're publishing doesn't claim to give you all of the answers, although I sincerely hope that it helps you find them! Instead, I just want to present ideas, data and case studies that may give you direction during a time of extreme uncertainty. I do worry that as an industry, we've been looking for answers in the wrong places and focusing too much on comparing the pandemic to previous events, so we'll try to focus on other areas that may help us navigate these uncertain times.

We'll be continually adding more content to our digital strategy hub and not all of it will focus on the pandemic, but for now, you can start with any of these:

If you'd like to discuss any of these in more detail or how your business can adapt it's digital strategy right now, feel free to drop me a message here and I'll get back to you.

Paddy Moogan

Co-founder, Aira