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We produce content designed to be loved by your audience and adored by the search engines, combining creative ideas with a solid technical implementation based on years of experience.

Content marketing can help your company connect with your target audience in a number of ways. It’s not just about producing content that gets lots of Facebook Likes or Tweets, a content marketing campaign also needs to bring relevant traffic who are interested in what you do.

We don’t  just sit in a room and brainstorm a bunch of ideas, it’s about getting a deep understanding of you, your industry and your customers so that the content ideas we come up with are as likely to succeed as possible. Once we have the right ideas, we move into production to bring the ideas to life. As soon as the content is published, we promote the content to publications where your target audience are likely to hang out, to ensure that we’re reaching the right people.

Our Process

With such a valid emphasis on good content, it’s essential that we start content projects by gaining a true understanding of your business – learn exactly what you do, who you want to see your content and what you want to achieve. The latter could be brand awareness, backlinks, increased traffic or a mixture of them all. Once we know what you’re trying to achieve, we can strategically go through each stage of our content marketing process from ideas creation to execution and promotion.


Using a mixture of channels, including market data, customer research and our proprietary software, we perform thorough background research on your industry.


Based on the research data, we brainstorm content ideas, validate these with influencers, refine the concepts, and then create a design and content brief.


We use the content brief to create the design, copy and technical implementation of the chosen idea.


This phase ensures that launch goes smoothly. We work from our technical checklist, which includes making sure tracking is set up correctly and social tagging is implemented.


Using a mix of owned, earned and paid channels, we promote the piece of content to ensure maximum exposure to your target audience.


Using a mixture of micro-conversions, well-placed calls to action and remarketing, we ensure that we bring visitors into your conversion funnel.


Finally, we review successes and failures and create a lessons learned document to be used with future pieces of content.

“Our content marketing process is always developing and we improve with each and every campaign we complete, ensuring each one is that little bit better than the last.”
Paddy Moogan, Co-founder.

Case Study

RS Components

The challenge

Aira was tasked with helping increase organic search traffic, keyword rankings and the quality of external links through a sustainable SEO and content marketing strategy. Aira started working with RS Components in October 2015 and since then, the project scope has increased year on year. We now launch between 10 and 20 high-quality digital PR campaigns for link building per quarter along with supporting internal SEO activity. The content campaigns Aira launch are diverse in nature and can range from interactive to static graphics to long-form guides and GIFs to ensure we’re attracting high-quality links, and coverage.

The results

Over the course of the last 12 months, Aira has successfully secured 1130 pieces of coverage and links from a range of top-tier nationals, which has had a positive impact on SEO. Specifically, core target keyword rankings have improved year on year as a result of our link building campaigns.


RS Components

“Aira has been our partner SEO agency for some time now. We’ve been very pleased with the ideation and creative designs from the team for our campaigns, as well as the quality of links they have delivered”
Stephen Massart, Global SEO Manager at RS Components

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