How to Set Up Facebook Business Manager

If you have a Page for your business on Facebook and aren’t currently using Business Manager, you will most certainly be missing out on a huge range of additional features, insights and tools that are available to you. Business Manager much like Facebook is free to use so there’s no reason not to make the transfer.

Who’s it for?

If you have a Page and are posting content but you think you are ready to try some Facebook advertising past a boosted post; if you or your team get distracted by seeing personal notifications whilst trying to manage the page; or anyone who is generally looking to see what more Facebook Business has to offer.

In this guide, we will talk you through how to set up a Facebook Business Manager account, link your Page, create an Ad Manager account and how to then allocate Permissions to your team.

Business Manager

We should say at this point, you will need to use a personal Facebook account to confirm your identity, so if you don’t have one (and you’ve therefore been living in a cave on the side of a mountain for the last few years) head to and sign up.

Ideally, you will be the Page owner to do this initial set up, as it will mean the Page can be linked without needing to request access.

  1. So head over to and click ‘Create an Account’. You will first be asked to enter a name for your business and then your own name and company email address (this is where notifications regarding your Pages, ad campaigns etc. and billing will be sent).

Adding your Page

Congratulations! You now have a Business Manager account. That was fairly easy, wasn’t it?

Let’s get your Page (or Pages) added so we can start making use of these new tools and features.

Anyone who has admin access to your Page currently will still do so once you have transferred it to Business Manager.

  • You should be seeing a screen something similar to the one just below here. There are three panels; Page, Advert account and People. Click ‘Add Page’ in the first panel.
  • You will be given three new options: Add A Page You Own, Request Access and Create A New Page. We are going to assume you are the Page owner for this guide, so click ‘Add Page’ in the first panel.

  • Now, you are able to search for your Page by typing out the page name, or you can open your Page in another tab in your browser, copy the URL and paste it into the search bar. Once you have found your page, click ‘Add Page’.

Bonus points if you Like our Page!

Once you return to the Business Manager home screen, you will now see your page under a ‘Pages’ heading, it’s worth noting at this point you can add multiple Pages to a Business Manager account. To add more Pages you own, just repeat the same steps.

Let’s say you have five nationwide branches, each with a separate Facebook Page – you can add them all into your Business Manager account and then allow access to employees, create posts, see insights, respond to users quickly and easily from one place.

Just click the Page you need to work on and you will be taken the familiar looking Admin side of your Page. See your notifications, reply to comments as the business, create posts and much more.

Creating an Advert account

Now your Page(s) are in your Business Manager account, the next thing to do is set up an ad account so you are ready to start running advertising campaigns. You can create up to five ad accounts per Business Manager account and request access to any other existing accounts you work on. Creating an ad account is worth doing now, even if you don’t plan to start running campaigns just yet, so it is set up for when you are ready.

Note: If you already have an advert account, you can transfer this over to your new Business Manager account which is easy enough to do but we aren’t covering that in this blog post.

  • If you need to, navigate back to the Business Manager homepage by clicking the Facebook icon in the top left-hand corner of the page.

  • You will see a second panel (next to where you added your page in the last section) ‘Advert account’. Click the blue ‘Add Advert Account’ button.
  • You will see three new options open again, as mentioned this part of the set up is for people without an advert account, so click the ‘Create Advert Account’ button in the third panel under ‘Create a new advert account’.

  • Give your advert account a name, select the business the advert account will be advertising on behalf of, select your timezone and finally your currency for billing.  
  • The next step will allow you to give access to this advert account, there are various different tiers of access you can give. Click ‘Skip’ for now as we will cover this later in the guide.

The account is now set up! You won’t be able to run any campaigns just yet though so let’s sort that before we go any further.


To run campaigns with your shiny new Advert account you will need to add some billing information.

In the top left corner of Business Manager you will see a burger icon, click this and a drop-down box will appear.

If you click ‘All tools’ you will see a large menu of options appear (use this anytime to navigate around your Business Manager), click on ‘Billing & payment methods, click ‘Add Payment Method’ and enter your payment details.

With a valid payment method linked, you are now ready to use your advert account to run campaigns and grow your business!  

Adding People

Now you have a Business Manager account, your company’s Page is linked and you have an advert account ready to run campaigns.

The final thing we are going to look at is how to give people Permissions. You will no doubt have in-house members of staff who need to work on your Pages and/or Advert account, so let’s give them access to your Business Manager but with restricted Permissions.

  • Head back to your Business Manager home page and click the third and final panel ‘People’. Click the ‘Add People’ button.

  • The first set of Permissions are for the Business Manager account, enter the person’s company email address and select their Permission level.

  • The second set of permissions are for Pages, there are various tiers of permissions available if you are unsure check out what they all mean on Facebook here.
  • The third set of permissions are for advert accounts, similarly to Pages, there are various tiers of permissions available if you are unsure check out what they all mean on Facebook here.


  • The fourth set of permissions are for Product Catalogs which you won’t have at this stage (and might not need anyway) so click ‘Skip’.

This person now has access to everything you wanted them to and an email will be sent to them inviting them to use your Business Manager. You can add further People or adjust permission levels in your settings anytime.


With all of these things set up, you will have plenty of new tools and features to explore no doubt. The next step we recommend would be to install the Pixel tag on your website, this will allow you to create Custom Audiences. These audiences are made up of users who have previously interacted with your website to allow you to create campaigns targeting cart abandoners and all kinds of other cool stuff… but that’s for another blog.

With Business Manager created, your Page linked and an advert account set up, it will now be extremely easy to assign an amazingly helpful paid media agency (such as ourselves) to work on your Page and run advertising campaigns for you. So why not get in touch and see what else we can do for you? I want to speak to you, you rock.

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