Do Google Ads Work?

This is a question we hear from time to time, and one you might have come across online, if you’re looking into Google Ads for your business.

The short answer is yes, with over 3.5 billion searches per day, if you’re not advertising on this platform, you’re leaving money on the table.

I think what this question really means to say is ‘Do Google Ads work well?’, after all, ad revenue amounted to over 95 billion US dollars in 2017 for Google – it’s unlikely people are investing all of that ad spend for nothing.

To tackle the question, I’m going to break down my previous (and extremely vague) ‘yes’ into three sections to help highlight how pay per click advertising such as Google Ads works effectively.

Intent levels – save your ad spend

The main reason why Google Ads works is in short, everyday people are already searching for businesses like yours, who offer the products and services you offer.

If you can show them what they are looking for, they are likely to make a purchase/convert as the intent is already there.

Let’s take an example:

I’m looking to shop for clothes and I search on Google for ‘mens black t-shirts’ and someone’s Google Ad comes up at the top of the results page, showing me;

‘The Best Men’s Black T-Shirts | Over 100 Designs | Free Delivery’

I’ve immediately found what I was looking for. Due to the relevance of this ad to my search query, I’m likely to click and go through to the advertiser’s website and browse their products, and may then make a purchase.

Of course, in this example there are different levels of intent within searches.

For example, ‘buy mens black t-shirt’ would be an indicator of a much higher intent to purchase/convert than a shorter tail search query such as ‘mens t-shirts’.

All of these levels of intent can be targeted (or not targeted) with different keywords, which gives advertisers a huge amount of opportunity.

You can choose to target users throughout each stage of the buyer’s journey, with the ability to control ad spend by focussing on the highest intent keywords first and then expanding out, once your campaign is delivering an acceptable ROI.the-buyers-journey

Other more traditional outbound forms of advertising such as cold calling, mailshots and billboards for example, work by trying to reach as many people as possible in the hope that some will be at the stage where they are looking for the product or service on offer.

Using Google Ads can help to save your advertising budget by only targeting relevant users who have an intent to convert.

Immediate results – save time

Let’s face it, everyone is busy, so If you’re looking for a fast return on investment from your marketing spend then Google Ads are probably the way to go.

You can have an Ads account setup and a basic campaign running relatively quickly, this means you can start getting onto that first page of search results and in front of prospective customers, bringing in new sales and/or leads in no time.

SEO is great and should definitely be a part of your wider digital marketing strategy, however, it can take much longer in comparison, to start seeing results.

If you need immediate results and want to start driving traffic and sales now, Google Ads are probably the way to go (#sorrynotsorry SEO team).

Does PPC work? Yes.

Data and stuff – minimise risk

Google Ads work because you are able to optimise the performance of your advertising, thanks to the huge range of insights and reporting metrics available.

This allows you to make informed decisions based on real data. You will be able to see very quickly and easily which areas of your advertising campaigns are working and those that aren’t (and why).

Using tools such as Keyword Planner, you can access historical and forecasted data to analyse new opportunities for keywords and accurately plan out budgets and bids based on search volume – no more guesswork!

If you’ve read this far I think it’s only fair to briefly talk about some common instances when they might not work.

It’s important users have a good landing page experience once they reach your website, you’ve just paid for them to get there, the last thing you want is them bouncing because either the content isn’t relevant to their search or there are user experience issues.

Creative excellence is a must. If an ad you are showing isn’t relevant to the search query that triggered it, users are going to be less likely to click and visit your site.

Building a campaign with relevant and targeted keywords is essential. if this is done wrong, the campaign is unlikely to perform from the offset.

Your budget needs to be adequate enough to allow ads to show, for example, if average CPC (cost per click) is high and your budget is too low, ads might be prevented from showing altogether.

So, do Google Ads work? Yes…if you have a well-structured campaign with targeted keywords and if you’re thinking of running Google Ads you’ll need to ensure you have effective PPC management. We are a Google Premier Partner, with Ads certified paid media experts who do this stuff every day 🙂

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