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Digital PR

7 Steps for Creating an Effective Digital PR Strategy

Years ago, there was no such thing as a traditional PR or a digital PR agency, it was simply ‘PR agency’.   The main focus was on offline earned media, but now the landscape is completely different and we’re seeing traditional agencies upskill themselves to become digitally savvy.  As the world moves away from traditional […]


Aira Named Best Small SEO Agency at UK Search Awards

Aira’s co-founders, Paddy Moogan and Matt Beswick, are incredibly proud to announce that we have been named the Best Small SEO Agency last night at the UK Search Awards. The black-tie award ceremony was hosted at the Bloomsbury Big Top and celebrates the very best talent in UK digital marketing and search. Agencies and in-house […]

outREACH Conference Logo Digital PR

4 Takeaways from the 2018 outREACH Conference

At Aira, we’re always on the lookout for any great events that will help our team learn and understand more about the digital arena. On 8th June 2018, our Content & PR team attended the annual outREACH conference for the second-year running. So, what were our biggest take homes from the outREACH conference this year? […]

How to do great digital PR on a budget Content Strategy

How to Do Great Digital PR on a Limited Budget

“If I was down to my last dollar, I’d spend it on public relations.” – Bill Gates, Microsoft I couldn’t agree more with Gates but then again some would say as a PR, I’m biased. Digital PR is essential to business growth and development. Whether you’re looking to attract new customers, potential investors, raise your […]

The Future

Instagram Stories: What Does the New Feature Mean for Brands?

According to Instagram, everyone has a story to tell. So, it made complete sense that the social media platform announced they were rolling out a new update where users could capture moments of their life, in real time, and upload it onto their ‘ Instagram Stories’. But there’s more, Instagrammers can personalise these temporary visuals […]

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